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      Design Basis Accidents (DBA) and Design Extended Conditions (DEC) / Thermal-hydraulics / Coolant chemistry Systems and components / Instrumentation & ISI&R
      Italy / BOLOGNA
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      It was designed to be operated with different heavy liquid metals like Lithium-Lead alloy, Lead-Bismuth eutectic alloy and pure lead. The refurbished LIFUS5/Mod2 facility, adopted in the frame of THINS project (FP7 EC), is currently involved in the LEADER project (FP7 EC) activities to investigate the Pb-Bi-water interaction following the simulation of a Steam Generator Tube Rupture (SGTR) event in a configuration relevant for generation four Heavy Liquid Metal reactors (HLM)
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      max LBE inventory =500 kg; power=90 kW ; operative T up to 220°C, water injected at 180°C into LBE pool at 400°C; operative P= 1,6-4 and 18 bar; mass flow rate= 1 kg/s
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      assessment of a steam generator tube rupture (SGTR) event. Instrumentation able to promptly detect the presence of a crack in the HX’s tube to monitor the break before leak The goal is to implement the experimental activities, supported by the numerical simulations, characterising the leak rate and bubbles sizing through typical cracks occurring in the pressurized tubes
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