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      Coolant chemistry /Materials
      Italy / BOLOGNA
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      Loop with the typical “8” shape, in which the hot leg and cold leg exchange power thanks to use of a regenerative heat exchanger (economizer EX). On the hot leg the test section (TS) and heating section (HS) are installed, while on the cold leg are installed the storage tank (S1), the expansion tank (S2) with the main circulation pump, air heat exchanger. At present, the test section consists is a flange placed vertically containing 4 open bars. Within the bars, the samples are piled up and separated from each other with spacers. Each bars can place 8 samples. The liquid metal flows from the top to the bottom within the bars and laps the samples.
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      max HLM inventory =500 kg; power=250 kW ; operative T=550°C; operative P= 4 bar; Flow rate= 0,3-1,3 m/s
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      LECOR facility was employed to study the corrosion behaviour of some materials in flowing Pb–Bi with at different oxygen content.
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