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Categories/Technical Area:      
      Erosion of Material in Lithium/purification system
      Italy / BOLOGNA
Facility Name:      
      LIFUS VI
Link with which DataBase:      
Contact Person:      
      A. DEL NEVO
Facility Short Description:      
      Lifus 5 is an experimental facility for HLM/water interaction investigations (i.e. PbLi, LBE, Pb). It was designed to operate in a wide range of conditions: up to 200 bar and 500 °C. Lifus 5 is suitable for code validation, models development, safety analysis studies and testing engineering solutions.
Main Technical Characteristics:      
      Li velocity 15-20m/s
Offered Services:      
      Characterisation of components uder high litium flux
Willingness to Receive Trainees:      
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